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Dev: M by Bubadu Category: Casual License: Free 4.0 out of 5

Builder Game is a casual mobile game in which you can relax and enjoy a great building experience. Your handyman's workshop attracts various customers that require you to build something for them. For example, you will have to construct wood products, demolish towers and houses, dig into the ground, and more. Each customer might have a different demanding task, and your sole mission is to create what they've ordered by using the available tools, building materials, and machines.

When it comes to working with wood, the game lets you cut down trees and cut the wood in smaller parts by using different saws. Once this task is completed, the next step is to use this raw material to build a doghouse, fence, chair, birdhouse, or a bench using tools like screwdrivers, hammers, etc. Just like it was mentioned above, you will also have jobs to demolish stuff.

Being a house or a tower, it doesn't matter. You can complete this challenge by using TNT explosives, a pneumatic hammer, and even a wrecking ball. Each task requires you to use a variety of tools. Not only Builder Game contains over 50 different tools and building materials, but you will have to use them to complete the included mini-games.

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4.1 and up
27.00 MB

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