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Hello Neighbor

Dev: tinyBuild Category: Adventure License: Free 4.2 out of 5

Hello Neighbor is a horror game taking place inside a 3D world and your purpose is to sneak into your neighbour's basement and find out what terrible secrets hide there. The camera is set to first person and you will get to experience the horror aspect quite well. Your opponent is powered by AI and he learns from your moves.

Expect windows to be protected with all kinds of traps and video cameras being installed at the door. In terms of controls, there's nothing new here. Towards the left side of the touch screen you will find a virtual stick which can be used to move the character around and actions can be taken using the buttons located at the right side of the screen.

During the gameplay, the protagonist can interact with multiple objects in his quest to find out what's going on with his creepy neighbour. If you think that sneaking inside his house is like a walk in the park, you're wrong. If he manages to see you and you're trying to run away, he will always find a shortcut and reach you.

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