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Dev: BabyBus Kids Games Category: Educational License: Free 3.9 out of 5

Little Panda's Dream Town is an enjoyable mobile game that places you in charge of a couple of new stores opened in this amazing town. The gameplay allows you to role-play in six different locations: The Library, Swimming Pool, Auto Repair Shop, Pet Salon, Cinema, and Ice Cream Shop. All these mini-games come with their own interesting stories that will keep you occupied for hours.

Working inside the Library demands management skills, just like the majority of the jobs included in this mobile game. Your task is to clean the reading room, repair damaged books, and even to return books to their original place. Are you the type of person that appreciates cooking games? Well, Little Panda's Dream Town lets you open your very own Ice Cream Shop where you can come up with delicious smoothies, serve fruit ice cream, and sell juice to your customers.

Another fun experience can be had by working at the Cinema. You're on a quest to make juice and popcorn for all the moviegoers. As it was mentioned above, you can also work as a mechanic at the Auto Repair Shop. Here, you are required to repair vehicles, paint them, and even wash them when it's the case.

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4.2 and up
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