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Dev: Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd Category: Board License: Free 4.4 out of 5

Ludo King is a popular board game that the public can enjoy on mobile devices such as Android smartphones and tablets. There are so many games with big player bases available out there, but this one is on a different level. The key is to be one of the first developers to publish a classic and beloved board game on the Play Store. So far, this title has collected more than half of a billion downloads and installs through the Google Play platform. Numbers like this are no easy to achieve because the competition is tight. This release has its foundation of Pachisi, an ancient Indian game. The rules are pretty easy to understand and to follow. We can win the match as long as we are the first player to move four tokens for the starting point to the center of the board, known as home. Since it involves multiple players on the board, we need to wait for our turn to roll the dice. When it's our time to roll the dice, the number of points on the dice dictates how many steps we can make.

For example, if we get 6 points, we can advance only six steps. The piece goes around the board until it makes a complete circle, and you get to place it inside the home section. Be the first player on the table to take all four pieces home to win the match. In case you're not familiar with the game's mechanics, inside the window, you can find a section that teaches you the rules. When it comes to available game modes, there are four of them: against the AI, local mode, online multiplayer, and private multiplayer rooms. I'm pretty sure you already know what playing against the computer or AI means. The local mode allows us to play with friends as long as we share the smartphone/tablet with them for each move. There's a limit between 2 to 6 players we need to pay attention to because we have to pick this value while setting up the game. If you have an active Internet connection, you can test your skills by playing against real people.

Plus, the game allows us to create private rooms to play against our friends on the Internet. Ludo King comes with a great feature that allows its player base to pause and resume the match if someone at the table had to leave for a moment. Customization is also possible because we can change the way the board looks. In fact, there are nine available themes to choose from, such as Nature, Egypt, Battle, Penguin, Disco or Night Mode, Candy, Diwali, Christmas, and Pinball. Thanks to various optimizations and a lightweight design, the game works just fine, even on lower-spec Android devices. Are you a chatty individual? Through the integrated chat function, you can now stay in touch with your friends and buddies. Besides, this simple chat feature is essential each time players want to create private rooms.

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