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Dev: Gameloft Category: Casual License: Free 4.5 out of 5

Minion Rush: Despicable Me is a fun action game available for the Android platform in which you'll have many levels to complete. The first protagonist is Dave but as you progress through the campaign you will be able to unlock the other characters by collecting Costume Cards. There are many different themed Rooms and all of them have their own missions and events.

In terms of customization, the included characters can be made to look different by applying disguises and accessories. By collecting Costume Cards you can unlock the Lucy, Ninja and Surfer disguises. The cool thing is that each individual costume comes with its own special skills and power-ups. These features will definitely help you a lot in your quest of completing the game.

The locations included in this game are inspired by locations found inside the Despicable Me movies. With reference to graphics, this game does a good job at appealing to players of all ages. During your runs, you must keep in mind to avoid obstacles by moving from left to right, jumping, and collecting bananas.

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