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As the title indicates, Solid Explorer File Manager is a free application that simply lets you deal with all of your files and folders stored on your Android's internal storage and memory card. This task can be achieved through a very fancy and intuitive layout design, which makes the entire process even easier. Thanks to its use of two different windows, now you're able to move items from one location to another one without too much hassle.

A key element regarding the GUI is the customization options allowing you to change color schemes, pick from different themes, and to pick icons sets. Besides being able to manage files stored locally, this application also offers support for working with items stored on cloud platforms like Google Drive, Mediafire, Yandex Disk, Dropbox, OneDrive, and few others. As expected, you will have to provide the required information to gain access to your files stored with these services.

Moreover, Solid Explorer brings integration with protocols such as FTP, SFTP, WebDav, giving you the power to manage files and folders stored online. Many other features are available inside the interface, including the ability to rename multiple files at once by using the batch rename function, working with various archive types, and so on.

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