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Truck Simulator - Europe 2

Dev: WandA Category: Simulation License: Free 4.1 out of 5

Truck Simulator - Europe 2 is a driving simulator that gives you the opportunity of experiencing the life of a trucker delivering goods across Europe. Right off the bat, you need to know that the gameplay contains many cities from Europe, including well-known ones like Madrid, Berlin, Prague, Venice, Milan, and so on. This open-world not only comes with realistic truck physics and engine sounds, but also changing weather conditions, a day and night cycle, and the ability to drive across highways and country roads.

When it comes to the actual trucks that can be driven, the game brings 7 different models and 12 types of trailers. Each truck has its own interior design. While on the road, you will have to pay attention to the other vehicles involved in traffic because if you don't, you will end up damaging your truck and trailer. After the delivery is successfully completed, you will be rewarded with money that can be spent on fuel and truck customizations.

Concerning the controls system, Truck Simulator - Europe 2 lets you steer the vehicle by choosing between three modes: touch steering wheel, buttons, or the tilting motion of your device. If you go for one of the first two options, you will find the command displayed on the left side of the screen, while towards the right side, you will get the acceleration and braking pedals.

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x86, armeabi-v7a
4.1 and up
50.77 MB

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