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Dev: SayGames Category: Casual License: Free 4.6 out of 5

Twist Hit! is an interesting mobile game in which you have the task of growing a tree by filling its rings. The catch is that this tree is spinning and you will have to shoot the build these rings without hitting any obstacles. In case you fail at avoiding these additional objects, then the round will start over again.

The controls are very straightforward, in order to build a ring you are required to shoot a beam by pressing on the touchscreen with your finger. As soon as you lift your finger the beam will stop being launched towards the tree. As you can probably guess, you will have to stop the beam when looking to avoid the obstacles spinning at the same time with your tree.

The more rings you complete, the taller this tree will get. Twist Hit! comes with a reasonable of amount of missions included and the first ones are definitely easier than the ones found as you progress through the later stages of the game. You can enjoy this entire experience in multiple different locations with some charming visuals.

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4.1 and up
34.94 MB
x86, armeabi-v7a
4.1 and up
40.90 MB
4.1 and up
34.06 MB
4.1 and up
29.63 MB

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