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Crafting and Building

Dev: GeneDe Category: Adventure License: Free 4.3 out of 5

Crafting and Building is a fun adventure game which is tailored around providing you with a way to build various types of structures on your mobile device. As soon as the game is launched, you will have to customize a bit your character. The visuals and building aspects are pretty much similar with the very popular game knows as Minecraft.

The block types that can be used for building start from grass blocks to strong ones such as diamond and temple stone. You can pick a variety of blocks to create your impressive structure. In terms of controls, you can move your character around this virtual world by using the directional pad displayed at the left side of the screen. Just as other similar games available out there, Crafting and Building provides a slot system which can be seen and managed at the bottom of the interface.

Another interesting element of this game is the ability to play with pets, like horses, cats, etc. In comparison to other games, this one lets you create buildings without being bothered by monsters because they are not included.

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4.1 and up
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