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Facebook is the official Android application for the already established social network known under the same name. The main role of this app is to give you access to your account directly on your smartphone or tablet. As expected, to have access to its features, you will have to provide the credentials for your account. Once you complete this step, you can start managing your Facebook page.

You might ask yourself what kind of features you will find inside the well-designed user interface. Right off the bat, you will notice the ability to perform almost all the actions that you're able to take while using the browser version of this software. You can easily connect with your friends and family, manage your status updates, use emojis, and more.

Through its friendly windows layout, you can quickly browse through multiple tabs containing content like videos, groups, marketplace, and so on. This application provides a built-in search function to make things easier to find and access. This way is by far the best method to find your desired content without wasting additional time. The marketplace section contains local offers, various deals, vehicles available for sale, etc.

Moreover, you can list items that you have for sale. One of the best methods to backup your photos is by uploading and saving them inside your albums. By doing this, you can have a copy of your photos stored outside of your mobile device. As you can do on other social media applications, with Facebook, you can follow your favorite content creators, websites, artists, companies, and so on. Make sure you won't miss the news by using this feature. One of the best methods to find great local restaurants, shops, and businesses, in general, is by reading the reviews provides by other users. In the past, you weren't able to play Facebook games through this mobile app, but this has changed. You can now enjoy all sorts of video games with your friends as long as you have an active internet connection.

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10.0 and up
53.56 MB
9.0 and up
51.98 MB
9.0 and up
54.82 MB
9.0 and up
54.70 MB
9.0 and up
54.81 MB
9.0 and up
53.60 MB
8.0 and up
52.47 MB
x86, armeabi-v7a
4.1 and up
1.65 MB
8.0 and up
53.34 MB
9.0 and up
58.73 MB

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