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Snapchat is an application that helps its users to keep in touch with friends and family through its messaging platform. Using this app it is easier to take photos and record videos to share them with your people. If you swipe right from the Camera section, you will end up inside the Friends area. This section contains chats, snaps, stories, all linked to your friends.

In the latest releases, the group chats get their own Group Story, and anyone inside this chat can add stuff to it. The user is capable of managing his accounts by accessing the Profile screen. Here you can perform tasks such as adding friends, changing settings, and manage stories. The Profile notifications are shown using a yellow dot on your Profile icon, and they alert you about friend requests and more.

Another important feature of Snapchat is the content-driven area called Discover. Inside this section, you will find content such as shows, snaps, stories from people you follow, and so on. If you enjoy any of the content shown inside the area, you can subscribe to it and later receive notifications when something new is added. The Search component lets you find friends, stories, memories, and more.

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Size Beta
4.4 and up
121.37 MB Beta
4.4 and up
119.46 MB Beta
4.4 and up
117.90 MB Beta
4.4 and up
118.40 MB

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