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Dev: Netflix, Inc. Category: Entertainment License: Free 4.4 out of 5

Netflix is a streaming platform where users can wide array of movies, TV shows, documentaries and other content on multiple devices as long as they are connected to the Internet. This application comes with a user friendly interface where you provide your account details and connect successfully. Netflix allows you to create up to 5 individual profiles for the people in your household and each profile can have its own maturity rating level.

The searching feature inside this app lets you find TV shows or movies having that name and other similar content in terms of inserted name. Netflix knows what type of content you watch on their platform and you will receive recommandations each time you log in to your account. Each individual household profile will get its own recommandations. Another great plus for this streaming platform is the ability to download TV shows and movies straight on your Android device in order to watch them in offline mode.

The app requires you to log inside the account even if you don't have an Internet connection in order to watch downloaded content. You can rate shows and movies and help Netflix to improve their service.

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4.16.4 build 200217
4.4 and up
25.47 MB

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