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Dev: Dolphin Emulator Category: Entertainment License: Free 3.4 out of 5

Dolphin Emulator is a software that does the job of emulating Nintendo Gamecube and Wii systems and you gain the ability to play games designed for this platform on your Android device. The drawback of this emulator is that not many games will run properly or at all. It comes with a simple UI where you can configure the application to take advantage of CPUs having more than one core.

This feature allows you to obtain better performance from this emulator. You have to keep in mind that this piece of software doesn't comes with video games included. You will have to provide them, otherwise you won't be able to play anything. Its simple window layout has two sections. One is for the Gamecube games and the other is for Wii games.

Thanks to the integrated file manager, you can easily add your games and play them inside this emulator. Another important feature is the ability to connect your controller and configure it as you wish.

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x86-64, arm64-v8a
5.0 and up
15.81 MB
x86-64, arm64-v8a
5.0 and up
14.94 MB
x86-64, arm64-v8a
5.0 and up
14.91 MB
x86-64, arm64-v8a
5.0 and up
14.50 MB
x86-64, arm64-v8a
5.0 and up
14.49 MB
4.0 and up
5.70 MB

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