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Grand Gangsters 3D

Dev: Doodle Mobile Ltd. Category: Action License: Free 4.2 out of 5

Grand Gangsters 3D is a nice action game, in which you have the role of causing mayhem in a city filled with crime. The gameplay keeps you busy by providing 6 different types of motor vehicle theft missions where you can either obey the traffic laws or get chased by the police through the city. Not only you get to steal cars, but you're also able to evade police chases, participate in illegal street races, and shoot gang members.

And since we are talking about shooting, this mobile game brings a collection containing more than 15 weapons that are here to help you in the process of becoming the most wanted criminal. When it comes to visuals, Grand Gangsters 3D brings a three-dimensional world where the graphics are good enough to make the game worthwhile. Another positive aspect of this action game is the friendly and intuitive controls system.

While on foot, you can use the virtual stick available on the left side of the window to move across the city, while the buttons displayed towards the right side of the screen, are there for performing various actions like shooting, entering vehicles, healing, etc. The controls are changed a bit when you are inside a car, but they still are very friendly.

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4.0 and up
21.25 MB
4.0 and up
20.75 MB

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