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Hidden Hotel - Miami Mystery

Dev: WhaleApp LTD Category: Adventure License: Free 4.1 out of 5

Hidden Hotel - Miami Mystery is an interesting game released for Android mobile devices, where those looking for adventure are able to dive themselves into a world of mystery. Your purpose is to renovate and decorate the Hidden Hotel by completing all kinds of puzzles. If you manage to get stuck while searching for hidden objects, this game provides a couple of hits that will help you get out of this bad situation.

This hotel contains many rooms, including a restaurant, a kitchen, a dining room, multiple apartments for clients, and so on. It goes without saying that you will have to improve the quality of your hotel to attract customers. The game allows you to change the furniture, create your own unique interior, etc. Your hotel is visited by couples, visitors having pets, families with children, travelers, celebrities, and you will have to make sure they have a good experience here.

It takes some creative taste to come up with a suitable color palette, pick the best design available, bring the best furniture, and more. Hidden Hotel - Miami Mystery brings a couple of interesting game modes like Silhouette mode, Hidden object search, Coin search mode, Web mode, Reverse mode, where your sole mission is to solve a variety of puzzles.

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