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My Contacts is a handy tool developed to assist you in the quest of managing your precious contacts. Not only you can transfer all your contacts from one phone to another use, but you can also use this application to create backups of your address book. All these actions can be performed inside a simplistic and highly intuitive user interface which suits all kinds of Android users, from newbies to experienced.

Many people out there take their working phones for granted, and they forget how annoying and depressing is to face data loss when the device is stolen or when it just stops working. In order to protect yourself from these "hazards", you should use an application like this one to create a safe copy of your contacts list. The backup is saved on the cloud service provided by the developer of this software, but you are required to create an account for this to happen.

As soon as you tap the "Copy contacts" button, your address book is synchronized with your cloud account. In addition, this application also provides a method that can be used to send your list of contacts to another mobile device, but you are required to install the application and to synchronize it with your account. This feature is very handy when you're migrating the address book to a new device.

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4.1 and up
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