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Dev: Twitter, Inc. Category: Social License: Free 4.0 out of 5

Periscope is an official app released by Twitter for streaming yourself over the Internet. As you can probably expect, as soon as you launch this application you will have to type the credentials for your account at Twitter in order to gain access to any features. The user interface comes with a neat window layout in which you can discover live video streams from around the World.

Thanks to its search function, now you're able to find broadcasts based on specific locations and topics. By accessing the Map section you're able to see lists of streams and their topics for specific locations. Missing a live stream is an annoying thing to do if you really like a certain streamer, but you can still enjoy the experience by watching replay highlights.

A very positive aspect with regard to broadcasting is the ability to initiate private streams available only for your friends and followers. Periscope can be configured to send notifications when you obtain a new follower and when one of your followers starts a live stream. The actual process of broadcasting is very simple, to start it you have to tap the record button and you can also switch between the front and rear camera in no time.

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4.4 and up
17.52 MB

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